Melbourne Family Photographer | A Personal Note | Hayden’s Eleventh Birthday

Today is my Hayden’s 11th birthday.

My memory of his arrival seems to change each year, I guess I have blocked out all the
pain, and have chosen subconsciously  to only remember the good.

He FINALLY arrived in my arms at 8.02pm, after many many days of pain, and officially, 23 hours of labour.   He was so quiet, he lay there taking in the new world around him. He owned the room then and he still does today.  Sitting across the room, I remember thinking it’s so quiet, so calm. And I’m a Mum.

He had black hair and blue eyes, and he was 100% his Dad.  For 11 years I have told the hilarious joke 😉 that if I was his Dad, I would’ve called for a paternity test!  There was simply nothing of me in him.

Today he is a lot me.  He may not look like me, but his personality, his mannerisms, and his smile, they come from me.  He is quiet, a confident red head with a willingness to try anything. He knows right from wrong, he has good morals, and he is making me prouder every single day.

He is my favourite Hayden. He reads always, while walking to school, while sitting in a cafe having lunch with his family, while watching tv, while eating breakfast, while going to sleep, Hayden without a book in his hand makes no sense.  He has read hundreds of books in his short life and his wish list for the next one if a mile long.

He writes, stories and comics mostly, and more recently, speeches. He is the author of a number of excellent comic strips and has started a business with his best friend Thomas all about comic books.

He loves to draw. He is growing a creative spirit.  He can build the biggest Lego sets you have ever seen in under 24 hours, his mind is incredible and nothing gets in his way.  He plays footy and basketball, he started a band with his friends and taken the role of drummer and rapper, even though he has no idea how to play the drums.  He has recently discovered the Ukulele at school and sits quietly strumming the strings, unable to play anything yet, but eager to learn and grow his knowledge and skills in yet another new hobbie.

He’s not a genius, he’s not the best on the team, he doesn’t run the fastest and may not go pro at any of his current loves, but he has a great time doing it all, and that’s all that matters to him. That’s all that matters to me and whatever path he chooses to take in life, he will own it.

He turns more and more into his Dad everyday, from the shape of his nose, the freckles on his face and his big wide clown feet. He is sensitive and sweet. He is kind. He has a strange sense of humour, a talent for magic tricks that fool no one. He is without a doubt, the absolute biggest dork I know, with no sense of style in his clothing choices, yet that lack of style makes him him and he holds himself high and owns his uniqueness.  He makes lifelong friends where ever he goes and his friends love him for exactly who he is.

He makes me laugh, especially when he laughs, and cry and smile and burst with pride. He promoted me to Mum, he is the reason we wanted more and more. He sets the bar high and we all strive to reach it with him.

He is our Hayden Thomas. Born on June 26th, a Tuesday night in 2007. The tiniest baby I had ever seen at 7lb 5.5oz.  He now reaches just under 150cm tall, he wears a giant size 8 mens shoe, his hair is a mop of gorgeous red ringlets and his freckled face is the sweetest you will meet.

Happy birthday to my amazing little man. I love you more than you will ever ever know. I’m so proud of the little person you are and cannot wait to see who you become.

Mum xxx

Mine | 08


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