Lauren + Lara | Mummy and Me | Melbourne Family Photographer

Anyone who has a conversation with me will know I always strongly encourage the whole family to get in front of the camera.  Just once.  Even if you never look at the photo, or perhaps you do, but ten years down the track, just be in the shot.  Not for you, but for your children, for your family, for those who want to remember you when in the very distant future, you are not there anymore.  For your children who won’t necessarily remember today as clearly as you do.  For your children who may one day have questions and are visual beings who like to look at the pretty pictures.

I have these god awful photos my Husband took of me when I was heavily pregnant with my now 11 year old Hayden.  It took me 10 whole years to appreciate those photos.  They are not professional shots, they are dark and grainy and somewhat blurry, I am pastey white with stretch marks all over the place, because I was pregnant with Hayden in my ankles and arms and chins and boobs…he was EVERYWHERE and I look just bloody awful!

But last year, as I came to terms with the fact that he was turning 10, I sat down and looked back through photos, I made a slideshow of images of him growing up and you know what, I included those hideous photos of me and my belly.  Because they are all I have, and they are me, becoming a Mum.  Now because I still have them and didn’t hit delete the minute I saw them, he has them too.  And when Lily sits me down and asks me all about having a baby as she does far too often, I not only have the beautiful shots I had taken of her growing belly, but I have the hideous ones of the boys bellies too, and we share a moment of reflection and she looks at me in wonder probably thinking how ginormous Mum once was.  She asks me questions and I tell her stories all about those days.

Photos tell us our history, they share with others who we are and what we are.  They open up a world of your past and they are those moments, frozen in time for ever.  So, as I was saying, I strongly encourage everyone to be in the photo at least once.

Here we have Lauren and her beautiful cheeky little Miss Lara.  A Mini Session that was intended originally to be the whole family, but Dad had to stay home sick so it was just the girls.  Disappointing that he couldn’t be there on the day, but the silver lining is, we got to create some precious Mummy and Me moments.  Just the girls hanging out, Lara telling us how she planned on spending the day, climbing fallen trees and running around in the space that was wide open just for her.

Those adorable cheeks and that sweet smile, this session is everything I look for in an afternoon amongst the trees and I laughed and went home with a sore jaw from smiling right along with them.

Lauren, thank you for choosing me as your family photographer and for getting in front of the camera.  Thank you for introducing me to your beautiful little Lara!  I had the very best time with you both on this almost wet afternoon and so glad we got all of our fun done and dusted before the rain really set in!

Tiff xx


Melbourne Family Photographer | The Menzies Family

One of my favourite things to do is to work with people who are not a big fan of being in front of the camera, it will often be a a child, mainly boys, or the Dad…I know it sounds ridiculous, but in all honesty, the more you hate being there, the more fun I will have with you.

There’s great joy in a challenge for me so the minute I discover that this session is the last thing you wanted to do today, I start planning in my head all the different ways I can make this fun for you!

When I met the Menzie’s family in Eltham, I had spoken to Mum Taryn on the phone a couple of times and we had emailed back and forth a bit in preparation, but we hadn’t really talked about who in the family wasn’t super keen.  This is completely normal, I actually like it to be a surprise sometimes.

So session day comes around, and I meet Balin.  A cheeky, uninterested 10 year old who pretty much said no to me from the very first second.  I knew from the look on his face that he didn’t want to be there, but he had just enough spunk to not be afraid of putting his foot down and saying no…so yep, you guessed it, he was my target and lucky Balin was going to be in so many more photos that everyone else 😉 It was my mission to get a laugh out of him, to get him to relax and of course, to get him to have fun!

Families like the Menzies bring out my very best Dad jokes and I love to get a laugh out of them, and it wasn’t difficult at all.  The first shot in camera was of them all laughing together and the scene was set for the afternoon.

There were cuddles, there was endless laughter, there was awkward teenagers and unimpressed boys, then there was little Miss Cadence who was all over this photo thing.  She smiled and giggles, she cuddles and was full of energy.  This was her time to shine, and shine she did!

We had muscle competitions and silly jokes, and then there was visiting photobombing dogs who brought on the biggest laughs I’d seen yet.  This session was so much fun, the sun was shining, the love was all over these 5 and I could not wait to get home and sort through the magic that happened!  AND Balin had fun!  Mission complete!

Menzies family, you guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for sharing your afternoon with me and for choosing me as your family photographer. I hope we get to do it again one day!

Tiff xx



Melbourne Family Photographer | Mummy and Me | Michelle + Hayley

As a photographer, I along with all of my photographer peers, never stop talking about the importance of stepping out from behind the iPhone cameras and being IN the photos with your kids.  It’s incredibly important to show your kids just how important a photo can be, but sadly most of us let our own self doubt and insecurities get in the way and the opportunities are often missed.  Have you ever sat back and thought, if you weren’t here, would your kids remember what you look like?

I had that disturbing thought a couple of years ago when having this very conversation with another photographer.  At the time I had a small, scarily small handful of selfies on my phone with my kids, but I had not done a single thing with the photos, they were forever left on the phone and then a new phone would come along and those photos would be forgotten.  So really, if the worst were to happen and I was no longer here with my family, how on earth would they ever remember what I even looked like as the years passed without me.

So this thought sticks with me during every session I photograph.  These photos that I take are not just for your social media, they are not just to give as a gift to the grandparents or to be displayed and loved up on your walls, they are a memory.  They are for future generations, they are for you to tell your grandchildren your story, they are for your children to tell their children about who they are and where they have come from.  they are for them to remember you and for you to remember them.  They are a memory.

I received an email from Michelle a couple of months ago looking for a photographer for herself and her daughter Hayley.  It’s just the two of them, so even if she wanted to, there is not often someone else around to take a photo of them together.  Michelle understood the importance of being in the photo with Hayley and she simply wanted something relaxed and casual, a simple style of photo, just the two of them living the moment.

She found me and knew my work was exactly what she was looking for.  I knew she was exactly what I was looking for too, a Mum and her baby, cuddles and laughter, tickles and silliness.  Perfect.

So we met, Hayley the cheeky little thing had her own plans, but little did she know, they fit right within my plans for the session and the joy I captured for these two was just beautiful.  The weather played my game and stayed nice, the sun came out to give me beautiful rays and Hayley finished us off with the perfect giggles and smiles.  Michelle and Hayley’s Mummy and Me Photoshoot was everything it should be and more.

Thank you Michelle for finding me, for choosing me as your family photographer and for sharing your gorgeous Hayley with me.  I cannot wait until next time when I get to meet your crazy furbabies!

Tiff x




Melbourne Family Photographer | A Personal Note | Hayden’s Eleventh Birthday

Today is my Hayden’s 11th birthday.

My memory of his arrival seems to change each year, I guess I have blocked out all the
pain, and have chosen subconsciously  to only remember the good.

He FINALLY arrived in my arms at 8.02pm, after many many days of pain, and officially, 23 hours of labour.   He was so quiet, he lay there taking in the new world around him. He owned the room then and he still does today.  Sitting across the room, I remember thinking it’s so quiet, so calm. And I’m a Mum.

He had black hair and blue eyes, and he was 100% his Dad.  For 11 years I have told the hilarious joke 😉 that if I was his Dad, I would’ve called for a paternity test!  There was simply nothing of me in him.

Today he is a lot me.  He may not look like me, but his personality, his mannerisms, and his smile, they come from me.  He is quiet, a confident red head with a willingness to try anything. He knows right from wrong, he has good morals, and he is making me prouder every single day.

He is my favourite Hayden. He reads always, while walking to school, while sitting in a cafe having lunch with his family, while watching tv, while eating breakfast, while going to sleep, Hayden without a book in his hand makes no sense.  He has read hundreds of books in his short life and his wish list for the next one if a mile long.

He writes, stories and comics mostly, and more recently, speeches. He is the author of a number of excellent comic strips and has started a business with his best friend Thomas all about comic books.

He loves to draw. He is growing a creative spirit.  He can build the biggest Lego sets you have ever seen in under 24 hours, his mind is incredible and nothing gets in his way.  He plays footy and basketball, he started a band with his friends and taken the role of drummer and rapper, even though he has no idea how to play the drums.  He has recently discovered the Ukulele at school and sits quietly strumming the strings, unable to play anything yet, but eager to learn and grow his knowledge and skills in yet another new hobbie.

He’s not a genius, he’s not the best on the team, he doesn’t run the fastest and may not go pro at any of his current loves, but he has a great time doing it all, and that’s all that matters to him. That’s all that matters to me and whatever path he chooses to take in life, he will own it.

He turns more and more into his Dad everyday, from the shape of his nose, the freckles on his face and his big wide clown feet. He is sensitive and sweet. He is kind. He has a strange sense of humour, a talent for magic tricks that fool no one. He is without a doubt, the absolute biggest dork I know, with no sense of style in his clothing choices, yet that lack of style makes him him and he holds himself high and owns his uniqueness.  He makes lifelong friends where ever he goes and his friends love him for exactly who he is.

He makes me laugh, especially when he laughs, and cry and smile and burst with pride. He promoted me to Mum, he is the reason we wanted more and more. He sets the bar high and we all strive to reach it with him.

He is our Hayden Thomas. Born on June 26th, a Tuesday night in 2007. The tiniest baby I had ever seen at 7lb 5.5oz.  He now reaches just under 150cm tall, he wears a giant size 8 mens shoe, his hair is a mop of gorgeous red ringlets and his freckled face is the sweetest you will meet.

Happy birthday to my amazing little man. I love you more than you will ever ever know. I’m so proud of the little person you are and cannot wait to see who you become.

Mum xxx

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Roartys

I had the very best Easter with my amazing family, up in the Victorian High Plains, on our property where most of my childhood was spent. Every Easter we hit the road, a few hours up into the mountains, a quick stop at the Dargo General Store for refreshments and possibly some forgotten supplies and then, just 30 minutes on the dirt track and we are home. No phone service, no internet, no electricity, bliss!…but I did have my camera.

I always have my camera, I don’t always pick it up, but I alway shave it with me, because you just never know what I will find, what I will see, what I will want to remember. Megg asked me if I would be taking it with me…silly question Meggy Moo! She asked if I would take just one photo of her and her boys. I of course said yes, but only if they would let me take more than one.

She of course agreed and Jake reluctantly went along with it all. We watched the sun each day, waiting for it to be in the right spot when Harry was awake and not in need of a nap or food or something else and finally on Easter Sunday we were good to go! The colours of these trees were just incredible, the colours of Autumn. The absolute best time of day, time of year and place for this family photoshoot.

I am so lucky to call this family, my family ❤ And they are so lucky to have me, Tiffany, the most awesome family photographer in Melbourne…if I do say so myself 😉 haha!

Family · Mt Macedon

Melbourne Family Photographer | The Morris Family

I was so lucky to meet up with this sweet family when the colours of the trees matched my hair. A family who were excited at the idea of meeting me in Mt Macedon and play amongst the beautiful colours of Autumn…

This session came about when Nicole, also a photographer, posted on Facebook about being the only family and Kinder without a photo of all 5 of them together to share…oh how that status went crazy with photographers letting her know she wasn’t the only one…well it was time to change that! So, we got together and started the plans in motion, with one mission…Get in front of the camera!! I think we solved her problem 🙂

I love to find some leaves to dance amongst, to laugh and play and enjoy each others company, to freeze some memories in time for you to remember for ever and ever! Oh what a joy it was to photograph these five amongst the Autumn colours as the sun went down in the golden light…I was in absolute heaven! Seriously!!! LOVE!

Now that we have some how survived winter, the colours of Spring are sprouting and I am excited to be outside again, the prospect of a warm Spring afternoon photographing families makes my heart sing!

Thank you Morris Family, you guys were absolute stars!

Tiff xx

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Koulouriotis Family

Oh what a beautiful family to have the privilege or photographing. I am so so lucky to have the most amazing job in the world and always so humbled when families choose me to update their family photographs.

It was Autumn, I was eager to get amongst the gorgeous colours of this season, so when Danielle of Oly & Fox Babywear booked her photoshoot for her family, I suggested we hit the road for Mt Macedon and play amongst the falling leaves!

As we were drawing nearer to the Winter months, the day we met was a relatively chilly Autumn afternoon, there was no sunshine temping to come out to warm us up, but it wasn’t raining and in all honesty, these days in Melbourne, that’s all one can really hope for right?!

The minute I arrived, I was greeted with the most adorable cheeky smiles from both Oly and Gigi! What completely adorable little girls Danielle and Chris are raising. The smiles did not stop the entire time I was photographing this family. We played amongst the drying Autumn leaves, walked hand in hand, chasing me down the road. When in Mt Macedon I have a couple of favourite places I like to visit with families, so once we had made full use of the drying leaves on the side of this little lane, we hit the road and hunted down the sunshine.

The girls were so much fun to run around with, such love and cheekiness, Gigi simply did not stop smiling and giving me cheeky little side glances. Oly took quite the liking to my camera and was eager to explore and see exactly what it did and how. So like most of my photoshoots with little people, we finished up with Oly behind the camera taking a photo or two…and by two I mean she found the button and went to town filling up the remainder of my memory card! Lucky we live in the digital age hey?! 😉

The drive home after this session was a long one! I was so eager to upload and look through the images I took, to look back at the love shared, I couldn’t wait to share with Danielle and Chris and their entire family.

Thank you Danielle for introducing your family to me, for choosing me to photograph you all together, for the joy.

Tiff x