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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Burns Family

Lisa and I met when Henry and Lily were attending Woodridge Kindergarten in Eltham together. I had a lot of high hopes for the people we would meet during our time at Woodridge, mostly because we had just moved to Melbourne and had no friends…it seems the younger your children are, the easier it is to make friends. So, Kinder, it’s the beginning of their education and surely we would make at least one solid connection with another likeminded family right?!

Well it turns out, we made many connections and our list of friends, both Lily and I, are quite extensive, the reason I personally have survived the past 2+ ears in Melbourne really.

But my friendship with Lisa grew to a new level when I discovered she was a graphic designer – Lisa Burns Design, and a bloody talented one at that! Lisa’s creativity gave Tiny and Brave life. I hired her to design the new logo, I had a little idea of what I wanted, but if I think back, I probably gave her very little to go by. I hadn’t yet started on anything creative, had no real vision of how it should all look, I just knew what I wanted to shoot. What she came back with honestly blew my mind and that’s where this whole website came to life. She gave me new vision for Tiny and Brave, she opened my eyes and set my own creativity free!

So, fast forward a few months and I was the very lucky person the be able to photograph Lisa and her really really awesome family!! This session had been rescheduled so many times, illness, bad weather, something else that I forget…you name it, we had to tackle it all to get here…the very best day weather wise and the most fun I could have in a session! SO many laughs, lots of chaos as always, but always smiles. Plenty of smiles. And love, there is always love

Thank you Lisa, Mark, Henry and Dylan for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous family. You really are one of the reasons I have survived this relocation and cherish your friendship dearly. It was such a pleasure being your family photographer, I would be a happy girl if I could do it over and over again xx