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Baby Parker | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Baby Parker. What can I say, he was deliciously adorable and an absolute sweetheart to photograph…but we cannot go past the love given to him by his sweet affectionate doting big Sister Matisse. Watching these two together just made my heart sing…and my over eager snap happy shutter finger go crazy! What an absolutely incredible gallery, so beautiful, so sweet, so much love. If ever there was a family perfect for the types of memories I long to create, moments I live to capture, it was these four.

I cannot thank the De Bono Family enough for choosing me as their Newborn Photographer, for allowing me into your world, trusting in me to give you the memories of your sweet Baby Boy Parker and little Miss Matisse to look back on for many years to come. May these images fill you with all the warmth and love that I have felt while working on them for you.

Tiff x

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Baby Billy | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

How adorable is little Billy!! Quite the frowning little man, but the more they frown, the more I fall in love with them, so of course, I completely adore this little man and could just photograph him everyday without growing tired ❤

At just 5 weeks old, Billy came into my newborn studio very alert and ready for his close up. His Mum and Dad, Briana and Andrew were just lovely and a delight to spend the morning with. My favourite part of a newborn session is getting to know the family.

Thank you Briana and Andrew for choosing me as your newborn photographer, for letting me in on your world for a morning of laughter and story telling. Billy is the most precious little man, please bring him back to the studio soon!

Tiff x

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Baby Ollie | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Baby Ollie and his Mum Jess and Dad Jason spent the morning with me in the studio last week and I have to say…it was the perfect way to finish off August. Ollie at just 2 weeks on the dot was so completely and utterly adorable! So full of smiles and personality, just like his Dad. Who also gave me just as many silly faces as Ollie did… 😉

It’s been a while since I met a newborn who smiled SO much! I missed photographing them the first few times, we wasn’t giving me the usual signs that a new baby gives, but then I was patient, and stubborn and refused to walk away and put the camera down until he gave me a smile…my back still hurts from the patiently waiting, but it was SO worth it!

Thank you Jess and Jason for choosing me as your newborn photographer. Thank you for spending your day with me in the studio and giving me the privilege of meeting you all and getting to know you better. PLEASE bring Ollie back to see me again soon!!

Tiff x

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Baby Matilda | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Newborn Miss Matilda and her big brother Ren…I may have to claim them as my own. Of course having photographed Ren when he was just 9 months old, I went into this photoshoot knowing full well that there would be complete and utter adorableness to be seen and oh my goodness they did not disappoint!

Such a beautiful, kind, loving family, who I am so blessed to have photographed twice now and I have high hopes that I will get the chance to do it again in the future.

Thank you Natalie, Tim and Ren for bringing Matilda to meet me, can I please keep her?!

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Baby Phoebe | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

What can I say…Caroline and I spoke on the phone when she first enquired about a newborn photoshoot with me…we spoke for around 45 minutes. About everything, her life, our common stories, our little people, photography and everything else in between. I was so excited when she booked her session with me, I honestly felt like I knew her already and I was going to get to meet my new friend!

When they arrived in the studio with little Phoebe, I gave her a hug at the door, I was meeting a friend! And then I met her lovely Mum Jo, her adorable little girl Emilia and finally got a cuddle with tiny little Phoebe…what a doll!! I didn’t get to meet Matt due to him already heading back to work the week before, however we got to catch up on the family photos the very next day so everyone joined in the fun!

Emilia had the most wonderful time venturing in and out of my little Lily’s bedroom right across the hall…a girls room FULL of baby dolls, prams, books and all sorts of other things to keep a little person entertained between photos. And oh were the photos of these two girls absolutely precious. What a doting big Sister Emilia is, the cuddles and the kisses ❤ For such a little person, Emilia did everything I asked of her and more, even at the end when the light had changed in my studio, she let me repeat what we had already done just because!

I won’t lie…I do believe it was all due to her new found love of photography and my never ending promises to let her take a photo at the end…and by A photo, she heard 50+ each time! Thank goodness I work in the digital age hey! Haha! But she actually took a really beautiful photograph of her Mum and Grandmother holding baby Phoebe…so of course it was included in the gallery for her to keep as the very first photograph she ever took…Emilia, when you grow up, please come and work with me xx

I absolutely adore this entire gallery. Not because of the connection I felt with Caroline from the beginning…yes that does play a part, but honestly, the love shared between this family is just so lovely. What a privilege to be chosen as the family photographer for this beautiful family. To welcome them into my newborn studio and spend not just one morning, but two mornings with them, photographing the love and laughter, sharing our stories, getting to know each other.

So please, enjoy this gallery as much as I have enjoyed working on it. Caroline, Matt, Emilia and Phoebe, thank you. From the very bottom of my grateful heart, thank you for choosing me. Congratulations on the arrival of gorgeous little Phoebe. I look forward to that coffee date very soon xxx

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The McIntyres

This Family. My Family. Anna and I grew up in each others pockets…well sort of, she lived in Melbourne, I lived in East Gippsland, we spent our school holidays being treated to ice creams and visits to the Paynesville Foreshore with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Tom, camping and swimming, riding our bikes, fighting over silly things because stubborn young girls with our parent’s short tempers couldn’t spend too much time together. As we grew the holidays changed, but the friendship didn’t. There were four of us, Anna and I, and our two younger sisters. Cousins, but just like sisters.
Anna and Ben were a big part of why we thought moving to Eltham was a good idea. Nic and I had loved the area the last time we lived here, but we needed family. Anna and Ben are family, they are friends, neighbours, the support we needed, I cried on their wedding day, a year later to the day, I photographed Anna and Ben to celebrate their pregnancy, I had a tear when Harriet was born, flew over from Adelaide to photograph her in their Eltham home when she finally arrived, we flew over again to celebrate her first birthday with all of their friends and family. It felt like home.
I remember Anna telling me she was expecting Tom. We walking along the Aquaduct trail, Harriet in the pram, Ralph and PJ on the lead, Anna was feeling tired, she said we couldn’t go far, she looked like death haha! I was so excited for her! It took us forever to plan a date for their maternity session, like anything with family, the priority was low for both of us, knowing it would happen eventually…but then it didn’t, Ben had to work, the rain set in, weather and travel plans got in the way. We finally got there and I photographed Anna and Harriet along the Yarra River in Warrandyte. A beautiful day…but Ben was missing.
Lucky we didn’t wait for him…Tom arrived just 2 days later!! So he was there in the Studio in Montmorency for Tom’s Newborn Photographs. But I always said, when he is around 6-12 months, we will do an outdoor family session to ensure Ben was well and truly included in the photos!
So, that brings us to Griffith Park in Eltham…Tom is around 14 months old…almost. We finally got here. A beautiful November afternoon, a slight breeze, no rain and a teeny tiny bit of sun. I ALWAYS love to photograph this family, no matter what the circumstances are and because I get bossy with family, they agreed to be the other faces of this years Christmas Sessions! And honestly the session was everything I wanted it to be for them, loads of laughter, tickles and giggles, bit fat smiles, long wavy grass for our bear hunt, it was late in the day but Tom was in the happiest of moods, even though if was bed time…he made it right to the end and finished off with cuddles with Mum in the grass. Harriet is so full of life, she is the biggest character, her silliness reminds me a lot of our Grandpa Tom, she looks so much like her aunty Charlotte I tend to swap their names around a lot…the poses she gave me…oh my goodness, model in the making for sure!!
If you ignore the fact that Ben stood in a rabbit hole and rolled his ankle before I had the chance to take a single photo and Anna had no voice left after her Sister’s Hens night the night before and cold she had been hanging onto for months, it really was the perfect afternoon!
So, Christmas Family Photos…I think it’s time I get to the sharing, but before I do, a quick word on why this is the perfect location and I am the perfect photographer for you 😉
Griffith Park is bigger than you first think, it has a big open section where pets are allowed of their leads, they can run and fetch the ball and play freely while on the scent of local foxes…there is walking track that follows the bend of the Yarra River, when the water is low, the Yarra has gorgeous little spots of rapids and rocks for the perfect backdrop to your photos. It’s one of my favourite places to photograph families as it is so different everytime I am there. Gum Trees and Pine Trees, weird flowery prickley trees that look awesome in a photo but really really hurt if you forget they are there…in Spring the grass grows and makes for perfect bear hunting grass, in winter it is short and allows you to see the rabbit holes before you step in them…in Summer the sunsets in the just the right spot to get some beautiful golden light peaking through the trees.

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Melbourne Newborn Photographer | Baby Abby

When Abby visited my photography studio in Montmorency, I fell instantly in love with her whole family. How lovely they all were, so in love with each other. I am so so pleased they chose me to photograph Abby as a teeny tiny newborn baby girl ❤

There is nothing not to love, cheeky faces, Big Brother love, happiness, sweetness, love love love!! The most beautiful family to photograph in my studio on a cold September morning.