Melbourne Newborn Photographer | On This Day | Baby Amelia

On This Day.  Three years have passed, so I think it might be time to plan another personal project day…

In 2015, I got to chatting with Anna Davis from Anna Hartley Photography about how both of us only ever shoot with nuetral colours.  We still do this now, because thats what we love, that’s our style, it suits us and our clients who keep coming back to us as their families grow.

I remember we were talking about all the colour some photographers use and how simply beautiful it always looks.  While it might not be our everyday style, we both can really appreciate the stunning photographs these photographs come out with from their sessions.  So, long story short, we decided to create a session with a tiny human, run a newborn photoshoot together, shooting only the colours we would never use.

We collected everything we could find that we thought would look amazing, colours we still liked of course and created something bright and beautiful.  We did a Model Call out for families in East Gippsland and I ventured out of my newborn studio in Montmorency and hit the road for Lakes Entrance to hang in Anna’s then in home studio for the day.

It was the most fun I had had behind the camera in AGES!  Working alongside someone can be really rewarding and eye opening. While we may have similar styles, especially when it comes to colour, every creative soul has a different outlook, will see something different, even if the subject we are photographing is exactly the same, with the same lighting and same expressions, we will always see it slightly different to each other.

Brand new baby Amelia was the perfect model for us on the day.  We both fell completely in love when her Mum Rebecca brought her into the studio.  She slept, like a baby 😉 she had the most precious little cheeks and was oh so tiny.  Me and my need for just a little of my style was very excited to have captured a big stretchy yawn face.  Both Anna and I are natural light photographers, we don’t utilise any studio lighting equipment so we rely heavily on the weather playing our game.  I remember shooting for a good part of the day, trying new set ups, trying to remember what we had come up with in our preparations and changing things up when our creative minds took over and we slowly but surely ran out of light as we completed our last and possibly my favourite set up of the day.

Thank you so much Rebecca for trusting both Anna and I to jump right outside our comfort zone to create something memorable for you and your family.  I am sure Amelia is much much bigger and wide awake these days!  Happy 3 year newborn photoshoot anniversary Amelia, thank you for being the perfect model.

Tiff x


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Melbourne Newborn Photographer | On This Day | Baby Indi

Today brings memories from another gorgeous baby girl who I was lucky to have met back in 2016.  Sweet brand new baby Indi Charlotte was born on Friday June 10th 2016 at 4.15pm.  She was a teeny tiny 2.9kgs when she arrived in Mum Rachael’s arms and became a brand new baby sister for her brand new big brother Quinn.

I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful family in my newborn studio on June 28th when Indi was just 18 days new and oh my goodness was she adorable!

She had the most incredible eyebrows I had ever seen, the hairiest of shoulders, a beautiful little button nose, eyelashes to die for and when she opened those big brown eyes, her face just lit up.  Quinn was a very adoring big brother, super helpful feeding her with the bottle, the most precious cuddles and sweet baby kisses.  I always love to photograph new siblings together and this day in the studio was very special.  The love I got to witness was so sweet.

I loved this session so much that if you visit the studio in Montmorency, you will see quite a few of the images displayed in my beautiful bamboo frames.  I simply fell in love with little Indi and completely over photographed her!

Rachael and Tyronne, thank you so much for introducing me to Quinn and Indi, for spending the morning with me in the studio and for choosing me as your newborn photographer.  It was an absolute privilege to photograph you and your family together, to help you to remember just how tiny Indi was as she grows.  I hope to one day be lucky enough to do it all again.

Tiff x



Melbourne Newborn Photographer | On This Day | Tiny Baby Sienna

Well this one is a blast from the past!  On this day, June 27th in 2016, I met Sienna.  What a gorgeous little human she was and so lucky was I be chosen as her newborn photographer by her awesome Mum and Dad!

I first met Maddie and Ben on the shores of St Kilda Beach just a couple of weeks earlier when we got together for their maternity photoshoot.  We met right outside Luna Park, wandered down the path to the beach, got our feet wet, had a cuddle or two, watched the sun go down with the most spectacular colours.  The wind was in our hair, from memory it was a reasonably chilly early evening as the sun set on the horizon, Maddie looked incredible growing their first child in her belly and the love shared between the two of them was just beautiful!  I kept thinking to myself just how lucky I was to get the chance to meet such kind people.

Then came the precious news of little Sienna’s arrival, Maddie and Ben were parents to a sweet baby girl!  Sienna Adell Hutchesson, born on Wednesday June 15th 2016.

She had the craziest hair, the reddest little lips and such flakey dry brand new newborn baby skin.  She was beautiful and I was completely besotted with her little face from the minute she walked in the studio door!

She slept and slept right throughout her session, giving me the best opportunities for gorgeous little curled up baby poses, and then there were the stretches and sneaky smiles.  As we neared the end, she woke at the perfect time, to give her Mum and Dad all of her attention while they cuddled her ever so sweetly.

Ben and Maddie, happy Newborn Photoshoot Anniversary to us!  I cannot believe we are two years down the track already when it honestly does feel like just yesterday that I met you both.  Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, for coming all the way across town to my studio in Montmorency and for sharing sweet Sienna with me.

Tiff xx




Melbourne Family Photographer | A Personal Note | Hayden’s Eleventh Birthday

Today is my Hayden’s 11th birthday.

My memory of his arrival seems to change each year, I guess I have blocked out all the
pain, and have chosen subconsciously  to only remember the good.

He FINALLY arrived in my arms at 8.02pm, after many many days of pain, and officially, 23 hours of labour.   He was so quiet, he lay there taking in the new world around him. He owned the room then and he still does today.  Sitting across the room, I remember thinking it’s so quiet, so calm. And I’m a Mum.

He had black hair and blue eyes, and he was 100% his Dad.  For 11 years I have told the hilarious joke 😉 that if I was his Dad, I would’ve called for a paternity test!  There was simply nothing of me in him.

Today he is a lot me.  He may not look like me, but his personality, his mannerisms, and his smile, they come from me.  He is quiet, a confident red head with a willingness to try anything. He knows right from wrong, he has good morals, and he is making me prouder every single day.

He is my favourite Hayden. He reads always, while walking to school, while sitting in a cafe having lunch with his family, while watching tv, while eating breakfast, while going to sleep, Hayden without a book in his hand makes no sense.  He has read hundreds of books in his short life and his wish list for the next one if a mile long.

He writes, stories and comics mostly, and more recently, speeches. He is the author of a number of excellent comic strips and has started a business with his best friend Thomas all about comic books.

He loves to draw. He is growing a creative spirit.  He can build the biggest Lego sets you have ever seen in under 24 hours, his mind is incredible and nothing gets in his way.  He plays footy and basketball, he started a band with his friends and taken the role of drummer and rapper, even though he has no idea how to play the drums.  He has recently discovered the Ukulele at school and sits quietly strumming the strings, unable to play anything yet, but eager to learn and grow his knowledge and skills in yet another new hobbie.

He’s not a genius, he’s not the best on the team, he doesn’t run the fastest and may not go pro at any of his current loves, but he has a great time doing it all, and that’s all that matters to him. That’s all that matters to me and whatever path he chooses to take in life, he will own it.

He turns more and more into his Dad everyday, from the shape of his nose, the freckles on his face and his big wide clown feet. He is sensitive and sweet. He is kind. He has a strange sense of humour, a talent for magic tricks that fool no one. He is without a doubt, the absolute biggest dork I know, with no sense of style in his clothing choices, yet that lack of style makes him him and he holds himself high and owns his uniqueness.  He makes lifelong friends where ever he goes and his friends love him for exactly who he is.

He makes me laugh, especially when he laughs, and cry and smile and burst with pride. He promoted me to Mum, he is the reason we wanted more and more. He sets the bar high and we all strive to reach it with him.

He is our Hayden Thomas. Born on June 26th, a Tuesday night in 2007. The tiniest baby I had ever seen at 7lb 5.5oz.  He now reaches just under 150cm tall, he wears a giant size 8 mens shoe, his hair is a mop of gorgeous red ringlets and his freckled face is the sweetest you will meet.

Happy birthday to my amazing little man. I love you more than you will ever ever know. I’m so proud of the little person you are and cannot wait to see who you become.

Mum xxx

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Melbourne Extended Family Photographer |Taylor Family

Where does one start when she has so much to say…at the beginning I guess.

Paynesville is a tiny little town on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes in East Gippsland, I honestly could not tell you what the population is, but I do know it has grown by the thousands since I grew up there.  I do know that it is small enough that you generally know everyone, everyone goes to the same Kindergarten and the same primary school before we all venture out to the next town and join the rest of the primary school kids at the two big high schools on offer.

I was in Primary School when I first met Gemma.  She was in the year below me so we were in the same class together probably a number of times.  As we grew and headed into high school, we travelled on the same bus, and Paynesville kids just had this familiarity with each other, while we may not have socialised in the same circles, we shared common ground from the little town on the water.  As we grew up we shared more classes together and eventually as most country kids do, moved away and started our lives.

Facebook came alive and we all started to reconnect online.  Keeping in touch with the thumbs up button, watching each others lives carry on in our own way.  I started my Photography Business and Gemma was one of my biggest supporters.  Always liking my photos as I posted, commenting when she had something to say, sharing things with her friends and simply taking an interest.  The best kind of support anyone can give a small business like mine.

I was so excited when Gemma asked me to head to Geelong to help surprise her Brother Simon for his 30th birthday.  Gemma and Mum Narelle now live in QLD and like most who live far away, don’t get to visit anywhere near as often as they would like.  Ben and Cassie still live in Paynesville with their incredibly adorable little people, so being all spread out, this was a rare occasion when they would all be together!  Of course it had to be photographed!

It was a weekend of surprises for the family as Gemma’s arrival from Queensland was a surprise for Simon’s birthday, but then, little did I know, my presence on the day was an even bigger surprise for Narelle who had been under the impression that they were all getting up at the crack of dawn for Cassie to take some nice photos of them…so I was completely on edge all morning as I waited in the car!  Surprise number 3 was still to come and to be perfectly honest, I was sure I was going to put my foot in it before the time was right…

Due to the very short visit and party plans, time was limited, so I somehow managed to convince them all to get up before the sun and meet me for a sunrise shoot on Bancoora Beach…thankfully it was January so it wasn’t as cold as it could be, but it was a cloudy day, so we didn’t get to see a whole lot of sun rising…but in a way I am thankful we didn’t, because the light was just beautiful!!

Extended family sessions are always SO much fun!  I adore them, the laughter is endless, the kids are crazy excited because there’s so many people around, it’s complete organised caos on my end as I ensure every single person gets to shine.  But really, it is simply just a regular family session, with a few extra family members joining in the fun!

We ran along the beach, the big kids jumped in the water, found a beautifully coloured, but very dead fish, had group hugs and piggy back rides.  It was the most relaxing morning I have spent on the beach in a long time and the most fun I have had with an extended family in so long!  I think perhaps I am a little biased though as it’s a little different when you are so familiar with them, these people are my childhood, they remind me of Paynesville, of home and it is just such a blessing to be thought of, to be supported for so many years and to included in the surprises…oh yeah the third surprise.

A couple of weeks before the session, I received a message through Instagram from Louise.  She had some very exciting news that she was hoping to share with the family at the session…Simon and Louisa were expecting a baby!  Of course I jumped with no hesitation at this idea and instantly had ideas in my head about how we could do it.  Together we decided to save it for the end, to get through all the little bits and pieces and then get together for a big group photo and then spill the beans…so of course, as I said above, I was on edge the WHOLE time!  I LOVE a good surprise, but seriously, the suspense just kills me!

So the deal was, I was to just act normal, take a few photos, tell my usual very bad jokes, and then ask if anyone has a story to tell…Simon piped up and said he did.  The family, who were all in the dark thought it was just funny that he jumped at the idea of telling them a story, and then, the shock on their faces, the excitement, the tears in the eyes…oh this was my absolute favourite photo!  The LOVE guys!!  The unconditional joy a brand new baby brings to a family, it was an honour to photograph this moment, it was also a massive relief as all the suspense tension washed away and the weight off my shoulders lifted as I photographed these moments for them to remember forever.

Now THAT is how you start a Saturday ❤

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Thank you Taylor family from the very bottom of my heart for supporting me, for thinking of me and for trusting in my secret keeping skills!

Tiff xx


Melbourne Maternity Photographer | Kennedy Family

Sarah and I had been chatting over the phone over the period of a few months.  We’d locked in a date for her Mummy and Me Photography Session with her gorgeous little Man Josh many many months ago, but due to a number of things popping up, we ended up rescheduling quite a few times.  The bonus to this was we got to know each other while we chatted about life.

As we spoke on one of the last occasions, she shared the exciting news that her family was growing by two tiny little feet.  I was so excited for her, I felt like we had known each other for years and years and a dear friend was sharing her exciting news with me!

So, of course her Mummy and Me session with Josh turned into a Family Photography session to include Dean and we waited just a few months to capture Sarah’s growing belly.  Somehow one of my favourite type of sessions to shoot evolved from one favourite to the next to yet another, Maternity Photography is just about number 2 on my list of best days ever!

On the day we met Melbourne threw us yet another curveball and the sun and light just about disappeared before we could even get out of our cars.  We spent some time cuddling and laughing and creating some beautiful memories before I called it and said the light just wasn’t enough.  I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went, but we ended up talking about how amazing the light at sunrise is and Dean said if we got together again he would be keen to see the start of the day…so that’s exactly what we did, the very next day!

So together the four of us watched the Saturday Sun go down and the Sunday sun come up.  Josh was a little trooper, the most delightful little man I have ever met, those gorgeous big bright eyes and cheeky smile, the typical little man all about Dad as Mum’s belly grew and gre in front of him.  He is the perfect age to sit nice and comfortably on top of Mum’s belly and only just long enough for me to photograph those tiny little legs dangling down over Sarah’s bump.

I always think of my self as incredibly lucky to have this job, the best job in the world where I get to meet the most delightful families, but when I get to see them on more than one occasion, then that truly is a blessing.

Sarah,  Dean and Josh, thank you for spending your weekend with me, thank you for trusting in me and my work to create some really beautiful memories for you all to keep and Sarah, thank you for all the chats!  I have loved getting to know you over the past few months.

Tiff x


Melbourne Cake Smash Photographer | Zali Turns One

Little Zali. How did your first birthday come around so fast. What a speedy 12 months it has been!

It feels like just yesterday I photographed Zali when she was super tiny in the Montmorency Studio for her newborn photoshoot. Now, 12 months on, you are one and the perfect way to celebrate is with a fruit salad smash in Griffith Park.

I have photographed countless Cake Smash sessions in my 7 years, but when the Summer afternoon sun was so beautiful and golden, all the tasty fruits are in season and Zali is lactose intolerant, it was high time we mixed it up a little bit! I’ve had this picnic basket for so many years and not once have I used it for anything aside from collect dust and drag it around to the endless houses we have lived in. Talk to Zali’s Mum Jess about what we could do, the vision started to come to life and I knew Zali was the perfect subject for a late afternoon picnic in the park.

Watermelon and Cherries were her favourites…we had our work cut out for us fighting the cherries out of her hands as technically they were there just for looks, being full of pips, but of course that is all she wanted. It was so cute watching her go to town on the fruit basket we had prepared for her.

If your little one has aversions to the ingredients in a cake, but you love the idea of getting messy for their birthday, I highly recommend you mix it up and have a Fruit Salad Smash! Delicious and healthy treats, no nasty sore tummies at the end and no artificial colours sending your baby on a sugar high 😉

Thank you Jess and Nick for letting my creative side come out to play and come up with something a little different for you to remember Zali’s first birthday with. As always, it has been such a pleasure working with you all and creating beautiful memories ❤

Tiff x


Baby Lhamo | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

When Bridget first contacted me she initially enquired about a family photoshoot for her growing family, after seeing my work with Bec and Simon a few weeks prior, but when I suggested they come in to the studio for a newborn session, she was quickly convinced that this idea was perfect for them!

They walked in the front door and I was instantly in love…the most precious baby girl Lhamo and her big Sister Nyima. All that luscious dark hair, gorgeous big dark eyes, half Australian and half Tibetan, beautiful olive skin. Nyima was a little shy when she first came in, but we bonded over the coloured pencils I had left out for her to colour with, together we discovered that most of them were blunt, so a quick hunt down of a pencil sharpener had me in her good books and she soon realised I was someone she could be friends with.

She was so in love with baby Lhamo, constantly photobombing, climbing up on my beanbag, wanting cuddles and kisses, always touching Lhamo’s sweet cheeks. Some would say getting in my way, for me, it was just beautiful to watch and every time she was close by, I made sure I caught her on camera with her baby sister.

Photographing Lhamo was such a beautiful time in the studio. Her skin was so precious and soft, just like a little doll, I found myself touching her cheeks, encouraging little smiles and frowns, all that personality in such a tiny little girl. She was so bright eyed and alert, the expressions I caught were just adorable.

This family is just gorgeous. So happy together, adoring each other, patience and kindness, an absolute delight to photograph.

Bridget, thank you for introducing me to your sweet sweet family. I would consider it an honour to photograph you all time and time again xx


Melbourne Family Photographer | The Roartys

I had the very best Easter with my amazing family, up in the Victorian High Plains, on our property where most of my childhood was spent. Every Easter we hit the road, a few hours up into the mountains, a quick stop at the Dargo General Store for refreshments and possibly some forgotten supplies and then, just 30 minutes on the dirt track and we are home. No phone service, no internet, no electricity, bliss!…but I did have my camera.

I always have my camera, I don’t always pick it up, but I alway shave it with me, because you just never know what I will find, what I will see, what I will want to remember. Megg asked me if I would be taking it with me…silly question Meggy Moo! She asked if I would take just one photo of her and her boys. I of course said yes, but only if they would let me take more than one.

She of course agreed and Jake reluctantly went along with it all. We watched the sun each day, waiting for it to be in the right spot when Harry was awake and not in need of a nap or food or something else and finally on Easter Sunday we were good to go! The colours of these trees were just incredible, the colours of Autumn. The absolute best time of day, time of year and place for this family photoshoot.

I am so lucky to call this family, my family ❤ And they are so lucky to have me, Tiffany, the most awesome family photographer in Melbourne…if I do say so myself 😉 haha!


Baby Evie | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Little Miss Evie visited the newborn photography studio this morning and oh. my. goodness….she completely stole my heart with her long dark thick hair, incredible eyelashes, perfect pouty lips and never ending smiles ❤

The whole session she slept, snored, grunted and made the most hilariously loud grumbling sounds. Despite all of that, she slept so peacefully, didn’t make a fuss each time I bugged her to put her in a new position, only complaining once about being wrapped because she preferred to have some milk instead, so once we accommodated that little request, she was back to sleepy and content for the rest of the morning.

I was so excited to see Nikki & Dave again after their Maternity Session only a couple of weeks earlier, seeing them as parents is just beautiful. They are so comfortable in their new role, so calm and ready for anything, the love in their eyes is like no other and it was truly something special to photograph them altogether as the perfect family of three.

Little Evie, who didn’t have a name for her first three days in this big wide world has chosen the most amazing two people to be her Mum and Dad, what a blessing she is to their life.

Nikki and Dave, congratulations on Evie’s safe and healthy arrival. Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph not just your maternity session, but to be your newborn photographer also. I had the most wonderful time in the studio with you all and hope there is plenty more opportunities for me to have you in front of my camera as little Evie grows, along with your family.

Tiff xx