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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Young Family

In March I celebrated my birthday, and to celebrate I had a session giveaway, just because I can! The awesome Young Family won the grand prize and I was so excited for them!

I briefly met Bek from The Waltzing Moose at the Swagger Child Design Market when we were both stallholders together and I finally got myself one of her Growth Charts, which I had wanted since FOREVER! She was so so lovely we got along instantly, and not really surprising because we actually have a mutual friend in my home away from home in SA! So, it all just made sense that the stars aligned and she won this prize of a full Family Photoshoot with me!
The session, like all of my family sessions with me, was held in a location of their choice. I wanted to know where they love to visit, what they love to do together, share a little piece of their world with me so I could photograph it, freeze it in time for them to look back on and remember the moments forever. I was giddy with excitement when they told me the love to visit the city! Melbourne. The coolest place on earth, most livable city 7 years running…of course they love it too!

So we headed in and visited ACDC Lane, checked out the artwork on the walls, danced in the alleyways, pretended we were rockstars for a quiet Sunday morning in the CBD. From the very beginning, there was promise of a donut from Donut Time as soon as there was a break in the fun to get there…I was just as excited as the girls were really…love a good donut! Although my waste line perhaps does not agree 😉

Once we were all sugared up it was time to head back up towards the laneways and head home for a lazy Sunday at home. I am a ridiculously big fan of old doorways and of course we found a couple along Flinders Lane so I convinced the girls that it was a good idea to grab just a couple more photos before saying goodbye.

I truly loved every minute of this session with the Young Family. Sunday mornings in this incredible city of ours are so peaceful and entertaining and delicious! Thank you Bek and Simon, Matilda and Scarlett, for entering my birthday giveaway, for choosing me as your family photographer, for laughing together, loving each other and allowing me to photograph you all in such a cool way.

Tiff x

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