Little Luca | Melbourne Baby Photographer

Here’s a Throw Back Tuesday for you…goodness me look how tiny little Luca looks!  I was looking back through files looking for something and stumbled across these…though, now is as good a time as any to write about Luca and his sweet little face ❤

Nothing is more humbling than being asked to photograph a family more than once. You become part of the family, and photo shoots become more like catch ups with friends more than work with clients.

Just a quick little update of a sweet little man as he recently celebration his first birthday and I couldn’t make it back for that. Luca was just a few weeks old when I photographed him last and I haven’t been able to see him since, so my oh my how he has changed in the last 12 months. The happy little face of his is one to break hearts as he grows I am sure ❤

Photographing him in his home, crawling around on the floor, playing with his toys, while his Mum made me a cup of tea and we chatted about life and all that has happen since we last spoke.

Tash you are such a beautiful friend, I am so grateful that we met all those years ago and I have been privileged to photograph and you and Adam and now Luca many many times. Until next time..

Tiff x


Baby Evie | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Little Miss Evie visited the newborn photography studio this morning and oh. my. goodness….she completely stole my heart with her long dark thick hair, incredible eyelashes, perfect pouty lips and never ending smiles ❤

The whole session she slept, snored, grunted and made the most hilariously loud grumbling sounds. Despite all of that, she slept so peacefully, didn’t make a fuss each time I bugged her to put her in a new position, only complaining once about being wrapped because she preferred to have some milk instead, so once we accommodated that little request, she was back to sleepy and content for the rest of the morning.

I was so excited to see Nikki & Dave again after their Maternity Session only a couple of weeks earlier, seeing them as parents is just beautiful. They are so comfortable in their new role, so calm and ready for anything, the love in their eyes is like no other and it was truly something special to photograph them altogether as the perfect family of three.

Little Evie, who didn’t have a name for her first three days in this big wide world has chosen the most amazing two people to be her Mum and Dad, what a blessing she is to their life.

Nikki and Dave, congratulations on Evie’s safe and healthy arrival. Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph not just your maternity session, but to be your newborn photographer also. I had the most wonderful time in the studio with you all and hope there is plenty more opportunities for me to have you in front of my camera as little Evie grows, along with your family.

Tiff xx


Melbourne Newborn Photographer | Baby Ted

Baby Ted. What can I say, he absolutely ROCKED his Newborn Photography session in my Studio. Oh my he was such a sweet little person, so many baby smiles, so much character, SO many photographs captured for his doting Mum and Dad.

I was so lucky to have found this sweet family and have had the privilege to photograph them. They found me through Instagram and I am so thankful that they did.

Thank you so much Amanda and Jarrod for choosing Tiny and Brave for your Newborn Photography session, thank you for sharing your sweet baby boy with me, I could photograph your family all day long x

Amanda, Jarrod and Baby Ted shared some kind word with me after their session. Hear what they had to say here.

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Cullen Family

This family, what a treat for me to spend time with them all! Turns out Erin has been following me for AGES! And knows many many of the families I have worked with over the last year or so! So happy it was finally her turn 

The light was stunning, little Letty was completely adorable and the sun actually came out to give us just a few stunning rays.

Thank you Erin, Wayne and Letty for choosing me, for spending time with me and for following me for so long. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to photograph your family.

Tiff x

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | The Simonetti Family

I seriously LOVE Maternity Photoshoots like this one!! You only have to look at the amount of smiling faces, cheezy grins, adorable cheeks to know that I struggled to actually stop taking photos when we were all finished!

Meet Tegan of Bump Into Mums. We met late last year at a movie event put together for Mums of Melbourne by The Mum Squad, formed by Tegan along with two other awesome Mums, Bron of Real Mum Style and Erin of The Mums Group.

Tegan is so lovely, always with a kind smile on her face, happy to see you with a warm welcome. Her gorgeous family, Michael, Eden, Joseph and Leon were just the same when I met them on this beautiful winter afternoon. Frustratingly I was running late, the day had not gone well on my end, but I finally made it and was greeted with the happiest of smiles, little people eager to run around and use up all their energy!

Eden and Joseph are the cheekiest energy filled 6 year olds you will ever meet! Absolutely everything I look for in the little people I photograph, someone I can laugh with, make silly jokes with, have all the silliness in the world with and come out the other side with awesome photos for them to remember the fun. Leon, just as energy filled, just as cheeky, but just a tiny bit more reserved, running away and hiding from me behind the trees. Still giggling, still happy as larry, still giving me adorable looks that are a joy to photograph!

This family had me in love with them from the first moment I saw them! We met in the park in Malvern as the sun was going down, it was cold, as it always is in Melbourne, but the sun was peaking through the trees and shining upon us creating the most glorious gold light backdrop.

They cuddled and tickled, walked through the trees, jumped and ran and played hide n seek, but the best part…they loved and laughed. A beautiful afternoon in Melbourne’s South East.

Thank you Tegan for choosing me for such a fun afternoon, thank you also to you and Michael for sharing your gorgeous family with me. It has been an absolute pleasure photographing your family.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious little man xx

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Jacksons

One sunny Sunday afternoon I headed down to one of my favourite places in Eltham to photograph a sweet family. Cheryl was luck enough to win a gift certificate from me at The Mum Squad viewing of Snatched and I was so excited to finally meet her.

Anika, what a sweet sweet little Miss you are, the cheekiest of smiles, endless energy for roaming and exploring, always wanting more of the excitement, your words ‘again again again again’ in such a sweet excited voice, how can anyone resist that sound!

I was in a little bit of heaven when the sun was shining all day, but after having to reschedule almost every outdoor session throughout Winter, I was not game enough to celebrate until I arrived, and oh what a glorious Spring afternoon it was! Barely a cloud in the beautiful blue sky…Spring has finally made an appearance and I am so excited to get out in the fresh air over and over again, photographing all the beautiful families who have been waiting out the winter rain with me!

The Jackson Family were such a lovely threesome, the perfect three to share the sunshine and a Sunday afternoon with. Cheryl thank you for sharing your family with me, thank you for so many kind words and your sweet generosity. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you a little better and photographing these memories for you and your family to look back on for years to come.

Tiff xx

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | The Wilgose Family

Spring has finally sprung for real and in perfect timing too because it meant I got to spend a gorgeous afternoon in the sunshine photographing the beautiful Wilgose Family while we explored the buildings of Abbotsford Convent!

Amy was looking absolutely incredible with just a couple of short weeks to go, and those boys, Ben and Jack…oh my goodness how completely adorable are they?! They found sticks and ran around on their ‘broomsticks’, they peeked through doorways to find out what was on the other side. Ben was coming out with some cracker Dad jokes and Jack had the perfect photo pose each and every time he saw the camera was up and looking in his direction! We all had a good laugh at his modelling skills, a big cheesey grin and a big long cheeeeese for the perfect shot 😉

As we explored the grounds, finding all the cool old doors that I got, probably a little too excited about, we visited the horses and cows over the fence at the Collingwood Children’s Farm, gave them all new names, we had cuddles and tickles, Jack told Mum the entire We’re Going On A Bear Hunt story from memory and completely distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing…taking photos! His sweet little voice was so mesmerising, what a little time waster he is! He then completely stole my heart when he want to hold my hand on our adventures…his grip was so strong, there always so much trust from a little person when they hold on so tight.

I wish I could remember Ben’s jokes to tell you, but I can’t, so I will have to be sure to write them down when they visit the study in a couple of week with the brand new little person when he or she arrives. They were some seriously clever jokes and he assured us he made them up! What a clever little person he is to, and what a sense of humour!

The session was complete with the discovery of Hogwarts on our way back to the car, so even though all the light in the sky was gone, we of course took a photo, the very last one on the memory card, in front of it, to prove to everyone that we really are wizards full of magic!

Finishing off with high fives and cuddles from Jack, it’s safe to say, #1 I am in love with the grounds of Abbotsford Convent and #2 I am in love with this family! I cannot wait to welcome them into the studio for the newborn session soon!

Thank you Amy, Simon, Ben and Jack, you guys are awesome!!

Tiff xx