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Abby + Leigh | Pregnancy Announcement

When I first met Abby, Milla was running around at her feet and Arlo was growing nicely in her belly.  Abby of course was absolutely glowing!  Wow if anyone can make pregnancy look amazing it is Abby!  It was the perfect day for a maternity photoshoot by the water in Williamstown.

Since that day, way back in 2016, I have had the absolute pleasure of being a part of so many wonderful moments shared between Abby and her beautiful girls Milla and Arlo, photographing the girls as they grow, sharing in their love and laughter, freezing their moments in time to remember always.  From maternity and newborn, Arlo’s sitter session, a hilarious cake smash session, to Mummy and Me minis in the park.  We have shared it all!

In photography, you do get to meet new people all the time and share a special relationship with them.  Being in front of the camera can be some what daunting for most, not many enjoy it, but all know how important it is to be present in the photos for future generations.  But the anxiety that comes with being in front of the camera means you have to let your guard down, put so much trust in your photographer, know that they have your back and will help you to feel at ease, relaxed and simply enjoy the experience.  So because of this, I have formed some truly beautiful connections with the families I have photographed and am so lucky to be able to call a lot of them friends now.

Abby and I have been connected through photography for almost 3 years and I am so lucky to consider her a beautiful friend.  So it is no secret that I completely adore them all and want nothing more than to see them in a happy life, filled with love.

This is where Leigh comes in!  If you follow Abby you will have seen as I have, the happiness surrounding this family since he arrived on the scene.  How incredibly awesome is he and how lucky for them to have all found each other!

In December 2018 Abby sent me a message to ask if I was keen to do something fun with them.  My answer is always yes of course, who wouldn’t want fun in their day job right?!  When she told me the top secret exciting news I was over the moon for them! I got goosebumps of happiness, and actually right now typing this I have them again!  Abby is the most incredible Mum to Milla and Arlo, a role she was absolutely born to play and now number 3 was on the way!

So, we set the plans in motion for their pregnancy announcement shoot.  A session I was to keep absolutely top secret, but one I was super excited about!  In December my diary is chockers many months ahead so we had one date to work with, my kids had to tag along, and it just so happened to be one of the worst days weather wise of the year!  We headed down to Williamstown and drove through flood waters to get there!  Milla and Arlo wore gumboots and we were sure we were going to get rained out.

But the weather gods played our game!  The clouds were in all the right places, the sky was dry, Milla was the happiest I have ever ever seen her and Arlo had all the right moves for her future on Australia’s Top Model!  We ran around and played silly games, Milla smothered Abby in endless squishy face kisses, Arlo took about 3000 photos on my camera, Abby and Leigh laughed together at all their craziness and my kids hid under umbrellas watching a movie.  Oh to be watching us from a distance that day would have been quite a site!

But like every photoshoot with Abby and the girls, the magic was there, everything aligned as it should and we found joy in the silly.

The initial idea for the photos was to simply find a cool way to help Abby and Leigh tell the world about their exciting news, but it turned out to be so much more.  Leigh hadn’t joined us for a shoot before, so while he of course has been in their world for a long time now, these photos show them as a gorgeous family of 4, soon to be 5.

Abby and Leigh, I am so so happy for you both and am very excited for the next step in your story.  Bring on April when we capture that gorgeous growing belly!! ❤

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | The Simonetti Family

I seriously LOVE Maternity Photoshoots like this one!! You only have to look at the amount of smiling faces, cheezy grins, adorable cheeks to know that I struggled to actually stop taking photos when we were all finished!

Meet Tegan of Bump Into Mums. We met late last year at a movie event put together for Mums of Melbourne by The Mum Squad, formed by Tegan along with two other awesome Mums, Bron of Real Mum Style and Erin of The Mums Group.

Tegan is so lovely, always with a kind smile on her face, happy to see you with a warm welcome. Her gorgeous family, Michael, Eden, Joseph and Leon were just the same when I met them on this beautiful winter afternoon. Frustratingly I was running late, the day had not gone well on my end, but I finally made it and was greeted with the happiest of smiles, little people eager to run around and use up all their energy!

Eden and Joseph are the cheekiest energy filled 6 year olds you will ever meet! Absolutely everything I look for in the little people I photograph, someone I can laugh with, make silly jokes with, have all the silliness in the world with and come out the other side with awesome photos for them to remember the fun. Leon, just as energy filled, just as cheeky, but just a tiny bit more reserved, running away and hiding from me behind the trees. Still giggling, still happy as larry, still giving me adorable looks that are a joy to photograph!

This family had me in love with them from the first moment I saw them! We met in the park in Malvern as the sun was going down, it was cold, as it always is in Melbourne, but the sun was peaking through the trees and shining upon us creating the most glorious gold light backdrop.

They cuddled and tickled, walked through the trees, jumped and ran and played hide n seek, but the best part…they loved and laughed. A beautiful afternoon in Melbourne’s South East.

Thank you Tegan for choosing me for such a fun afternoon, thank you also to you and Michael for sharing your gorgeous family with me. It has been an absolute pleasure photographing your family.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious little man xx

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | The Wilgose Family

Spring has finally sprung for real and in perfect timing too because it meant I got to spend a gorgeous afternoon in the sunshine photographing the beautiful Wilgose Family while we explored the buildings of Abbotsford Convent!

Amy was looking absolutely incredible with just a couple of short weeks to go, and those boys, Ben and Jack…oh my goodness how completely adorable are they?! They found sticks and ran around on their ‘broomsticks’, they peeked through doorways to find out what was on the other side. Ben was coming out with some cracker Dad jokes and Jack had the perfect photo pose each and every time he saw the camera was up and looking in his direction! We all had a good laugh at his modelling skills, a big cheesey grin and a big long cheeeeese for the perfect shot 😉

As we explored the grounds, finding all the cool old doors that I got, probably a little too excited about, we visited the horses and cows over the fence at the Collingwood Children’s Farm, gave them all new names, we had cuddles and tickles, Jack told Mum the entire We’re Going On A Bear Hunt story from memory and completely distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing…taking photos! His sweet little voice was so mesmerising, what a little time waster he is! He then completely stole my heart when he want to hold my hand on our adventures…his grip was so strong, there always so much trust from a little person when they hold on so tight.

I wish I could remember Ben’s jokes to tell you, but I can’t, so I will have to be sure to write them down when they visit the study in a couple of week with the brand new little person when he or she arrives. They were some seriously clever jokes and he assured us he made them up! What a clever little person he is to, and what a sense of humour!

The session was complete with the discovery of Hogwarts on our way back to the car, so even though all the light in the sky was gone, we of course took a photo, the very last one on the memory card, in front of it, to prove to everyone that we really are wizards full of magic!

Finishing off with high fives and cuddles from Jack, it’s safe to say, #1 I am in love with the grounds of Abbotsford Convent and #2 I am in love with this family! I cannot wait to welcome them into the studio for the newborn session soon!

Thank you Amy, Simon, Ben and Jack, you guys are awesome!!

Tiff xx

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | Charlotte and Bronson

There’s nothing more exciting than knowing some of your most favourite people in the whole entire world are going to have a baby!

Charlotte, my cousin, my sister, my family, married Bronson last year and now, a little under a year later, they are about to welcome their first child into this world. The luckiest baby in the world to have these two as parents, surrounded by an incredible extended family…if I do say so myself!

So, we found out about this baby many months ago, and I wouldn’t be the maternity and newborn photographer that I am if my mind didn’t go straight to planning a date for this session. I knew I would have my work cut out for me, Bronson is a Fireman and from the outside seems to be always at work and Charlotte is exactly the same. So I started planning as soon as I could, offering as many dates as humanly possible. We settled for this past weekend, the Sunday after their baby shower. I hit the road to Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula and spent the most wonderful weekend with them. I somehow managed to convince them to head to the beach with me twice! Not just once as sunset after all the celebrating had finished, but then again the next morning to watch the sunrise…I won;t lie, none of us were overly thrilled to be up at 5.30am on a Sunday morning, but I knew deep dow that it was going to be glorious!

And oh my was I right! It wasn’t as cold as we had expected, although I am not entirely convinced that it was warm enough for bare feet…Bronson and I both agreed Charlotte was completely mad. The sky was filled with so many clouds that I was worried we wouldn’t see any sunrise at all, but with or without the sunshine, the light on this quiet Sunday morning was the most beautiful soft light I had ever seen and I am now unfortunately, completely addicted to that time of day!

We laughed and joked and pulled silly faces, I secretly filmed them having a cuddle, we did ridiculous selfies to prove to the world that were out there, the sound of the water was peaceful and calming and by 7am, we were all done and ready to crawl back into bed…of course with a house full, and two little people back at home, getting back into bed was entirely OFF the cards, but we were set for a day of family time and more memories to be made.

Growing up with Charlotte were some of the very best years of my life, to have family so close is so special and everything I long for. Charlotte is so lucky to have found Bronson, he is so lucky to have found Charlotte and together they are both so so lucky to have me… 😉 Photographing their wedding was some of the most fun I have ever had behind the camera, photographing their maternity sessions was just as fun! I cannot wait to welcome this little person into our family and of course, to bring them into my studio for their newborn session when he or she finally arrives!

Charlie and Bronson, you guys are awesome, hilarious and the coolest people I know! Congratulations once again on this completely ridiculously grown up time in your lives!

Tiff xxx

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | Nikki and Dave

Nikki & Dave are expecting a baby! And soon! Nikki was already 37 weeks when she got in touch with me so we worked together to find the perfect date to squeeze in a session for her and Dave before their little person made an appearance. Between Dave’s work schedule, their moving house, my 3 little people and a full schedule, by some miracle we actually found one date to work with and just days after our initial conversation, I met up with them in the park in Essendon North, just a few streets down from their home.

For two people so busy at this time in their lives, they were so relaxed and laid back, a breathe of fresh air after driving in peak hour traffic to meet them. The sun, which I always look for when outside, was a no show, but it was a clam, quiet and unseasonably warm Tuesday afternoon and Nikki was looking incredible for someone just about due to pop with her first child. These two, Mum and Dad to be, were a gorgeous couple who I thoroughly enjoyed photographing.

I get so much excitement out of a maternity photoshoot, the antiscipation, the unknown, the excitement of who their little person will be. Plus this session had a little bit more excitement for me as I was experimenting with a new lens and totally loving it…I am sure Dave thought I was completely nuts the whole time as my giddy joy came out every time something pretty showed up on the back of my camera…I promise Dave, I am definitely completely nuts, but entirely normal all at the same time 😉

Nikki and Dave, thank you for choosing me for your Maternity Photoshoot, it was an absolute delight working with you and your growing baby bump. I cannot wait to see you again very soon in the studio when your new baby arrives.

Tiff x

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | McLean Family

The STUNNING Ashleigh growing baby number 3 was lucky enough to win my Instagram Competition many months ago, a Maternity Photography Session just for her and her gorgeous family. It’s always an exciting thing to win a prize, but I have to say, I was the lucky one…to meet these four happy, loving, kind people, absolutely adorable boys so full of life…oh my goodness, this session was a dream to photograph!!

There was dancing, cuddling, a game of ring-a-ring-a-rosie, wrestling with Dad, walking along the track by the river, more cuddles, cheeky smiles, a game of footy, everything a happy Maternity Photographer could ask for…and my oh my, what a world this little Miss was going to be born into!

Thank you McLean Family for following me on Instagram, for entering my competition and introducing your world of fun to me ❤

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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | Ant & Leevai

Sometimes you work with people and they just stick with you. Anthea and Leevai are those kind of people. I knew instantly when I met them that I was going to have so much fun with them. Leevai brought a speaker with his own soundtrack, the day was a little wet and dark, but the mood was something special. We spoke about music and creativity and pregnancy. We laughed, I experimented with a new lens, got stupid excited about the sun showing its face for the first time since Autumn, they cuddled and whispered sweet nothings to each other and I captured sweet moments for them to remember always.

I could photograph these two every single day, that would truly make me smile. Their Maternity Session was just something a bit special. Thank you Leevai and Ant for choosing me x