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Baby Billy | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

How adorable is little Billy!! Quite the frowning little man, but the more they frown, the more I fall in love with them, so of course, I completely adore this little man and could just photograph him everyday without growing tired ❤

At just 5 weeks old, Billy came into my newborn studio very alert and ready for his close up. His Mum and Dad, Briana and Andrew were just lovely and a delight to spend the morning with. My favourite part of a newborn session is getting to know the family.

Thank you Briana and Andrew for choosing me as your newborn photographer, for letting me in on your world for a morning of laughter and story telling. Billy is the most precious little man, please bring him back to the studio soon!

Tiff x

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Baby Ollie | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Baby Ollie and his Mum Jess and Dad Jason spent the morning with me in the studio last week and I have to say…it was the perfect way to finish off August. Ollie at just 2 weeks on the dot was so completely and utterly adorable! So full of smiles and personality, just like his Dad. Who also gave me just as many silly faces as Ollie did… 😉

It’s been a while since I met a newborn who smiled SO much! I missed photographing them the first few times, we wasn’t giving me the usual signs that a new baby gives, but then I was patient, and stubborn and refused to walk away and put the camera down until he gave me a smile…my back still hurts from the patiently waiting, but it was SO worth it!

Thank you Jess and Jason for choosing me as your newborn photographer. Thank you for spending your day with me in the studio and giving me the privilege of meeting you all and getting to know you better. PLEASE bring Ollie back to see me again soon!!

Tiff x

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Melbourne Family Photographer | Papworth Family

Well, the weather gods were really on our side this afternoon! I was jumping for joy all day long at the sight of the sunshine and the warmth of the Spring breeze.

The Papworth Family were so much fun to photograph along the banks of the Yarra River in Eltham, biggest Brother Baxter was the master stick finder and every time I turned around he had found a new bigger and better one than the last. Miss Ivy, the classic middle child, cheekiest of cheeky smiles, sweetest little voice and a big fan of the squeaky bumble bee attached to my camera. Tiny little Stella only had eyes for Mum, I certainly had my work cut out for me with this little one, but I had plenty of tricks up my sleeve to find her happy…and when I did, of the sweetness in her eyes ❤

Donna and Rob are the loveliest people you will ever meet, always with a smile, so much love for their gorgeous children, who were keen for adventure! Whilst I always promise adventure, I am a little bit of a tease and make them wait so long, but you really wouldn’t know it with these three because their miles continued, their excitement stayed with us and everything I asked of them, they happily obliged.

Walking along the river, it was beautiful and warm, you wouldn’t be silly to even mistaken the day for a Summer one, not Spring, the perfect late afternoon to photograph a family. I caught a glimpse of Baxter’s future in modelling, with quite the entertaining walk through the park, miss Ivy followed along in true little sister style and mimicked Baxter perfectly.

Thank you so much Donna, Rob, Baxter, Ivy and Stella for spending your afternoon with me, for choosing me as your family photographer. I haven’t had so much fun behind the camera in a while and I can honestly say, I would photograph you all again in a heart beat!

Tiff xx

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Baby Matilda | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Newborn Miss Matilda and her big brother Ren…I may have to claim them as my own. Of course having photographed Ren when he was just 9 months old, I went into this photoshoot knowing full well that there would be complete and utter adorableness to be seen and oh my goodness they did not disappoint!

Such a beautiful, kind, loving family, who I am so blessed to have photographed twice now and I have high hopes that I will get the chance to do it again in the future.

Thank you Natalie, Tim and Ren for bringing Matilda to meet me, can I please keep her?!

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Baby Phoebe | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

What can I say…Caroline and I spoke on the phone when she first enquired about a newborn photoshoot with me…we spoke for around 45 minutes. About everything, her life, our common stories, our little people, photography and everything else in between. I was so excited when she booked her session with me, I honestly felt like I knew her already and I was going to get to meet my new friend!

When they arrived in the studio with little Phoebe, I gave her a hug at the door, I was meeting a friend! And then I met her lovely Mum Jo, her adorable little girl Emilia and finally got a cuddle with tiny little Phoebe…what a doll!! I didn’t get to meet Matt due to him already heading back to work the week before, however we got to catch up on the family photos the very next day so everyone joined in the fun!

Emilia had the most wonderful time venturing in and out of my little Lily’s bedroom right across the hall…a girls room FULL of baby dolls, prams, books and all sorts of other things to keep a little person entertained between photos. And oh were the photos of these two girls absolutely precious. What a doting big Sister Emilia is, the cuddles and the kisses ❤ For such a little person, Emilia did everything I asked of her and more, even at the end when the light had changed in my studio, she let me repeat what we had already done just because!

I won’t lie…I do believe it was all due to her new found love of photography and my never ending promises to let her take a photo at the end…and by A photo, she heard 50+ each time! Thank goodness I work in the digital age hey! Haha! But she actually took a really beautiful photograph of her Mum and Grandmother holding baby Phoebe…so of course it was included in the gallery for her to keep as the very first photograph she ever took…Emilia, when you grow up, please come and work with me xx

I absolutely adore this entire gallery. Not because of the connection I felt with Caroline from the beginning…yes that does play a part, but honestly, the love shared between this family is just so lovely. What a privilege to be chosen as the family photographer for this beautiful family. To welcome them into my newborn studio and spend not just one morning, but two mornings with them, photographing the love and laughter, sharing our stories, getting to know each other.

So please, enjoy this gallery as much as I have enjoyed working on it. Caroline, Matt, Emilia and Phoebe, thank you. From the very bottom of my grateful heart, thank you for choosing me. Congratulations on the arrival of gorgeous little Phoebe. I look forward to that coffee date very soon xxx

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Stow Family

There are many moments photographed during this family session that have to be some of my absolute favourites to photograph…maybe ever! These beautiful energy filled, cheeky boys Harry and Charlie remind me so much of my own children, especially the way they cuddle their Mum. Rory especially, he puts all of himself into a cuddle with me and Harry does exactly that with his beautiful Mum Emma.

This is what I live to do. Find a moment shared and freeze it for all of time. Let this moment stand still, be remembered for all of time. Let it shower the warmth of love all over everyone who sees it, make you stand up, find a loved one and just hug them. Hug them with everything you have and let them know how much they mean to you.

That’s what this session says to me. I could have photographed the Stow family ALL day and never grow tired of their happiness. These gorgeous boys are so full of life, so full of light, the happy just radiates from them and washed over me making me smile from ear to ear the entire time I was in their presence.
A true testament to the love they receive at home, two parents who are just nailing it! I could go on and on about this session and how much I have loved every minute of working on it, from actually being there, to working through and editing the images, to delivering them this afternoon…but going on and on seems silly when the images can do the talking for me.
Big giant group hugs all round for the awesome Stow Family. Thank you Emma and Dave, photographing your gorgeous family is one of the stand outs of my long career xx

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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Burns Family

Lisa and I met when Henry and Lily were attending Woodridge Kindergarten in Eltham together. I had a lot of high hopes for the people we would meet during our time at Woodridge, mostly because we had just moved to Melbourne and had no friends…it seems the younger your children are, the easier it is to make friends. So, Kinder, it’s the beginning of their education and surely we would make at least one solid connection with another likeminded family right?!

Well it turns out, we made many connections and our list of friends, both Lily and I, are quite extensive, the reason I personally have survived the past 2+ ears in Melbourne really.

But my friendship with Lisa grew to a new level when I discovered she was a graphic designer – Lisa Burns Design, and a bloody talented one at that! Lisa’s creativity gave Tiny and Brave life. I hired her to design the new logo, I had a little idea of what I wanted, but if I think back, I probably gave her very little to go by. I hadn’t yet started on anything creative, had no real vision of how it should all look, I just knew what I wanted to shoot. What she came back with honestly blew my mind and that’s where this whole website came to life. She gave me new vision for Tiny and Brave, she opened my eyes and set my own creativity free!

So, fast forward a few months and I was the very lucky person the be able to photograph Lisa and her really really awesome family!! This session had been rescheduled so many times, illness, bad weather, something else that I forget…you name it, we had to tackle it all to get here…the very best day weather wise and the most fun I could have in a session! SO many laughs, lots of chaos as always, but always smiles. Plenty of smiles. And love, there is always love

Thank you Lisa, Mark, Henry and Dylan for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous family. You really are one of the reasons I have survived this relocation and cherish your friendship dearly. It was such a pleasure being your family photographer, I would be a happy girl if I could do it over and over again xx