For the love of writing | the absolutely no reason approach

We’ve all heard the term ‘itchy feet’…referred to by the lovers of travel and the need to go somewhere new.  I don’t often get itchy feet, but I do get…I guess you could call it itchy fingers.  The need to write.  It’s not something I share, but I suppose if you follow my blog here, you could possibly guess that I do love to write.  I can’t help but go on long tangents about pretty much nothing.  If I get excited about a topic, once I get started I simply can’t stop myself.

Today I sat at my computer and all I wanted to do was write something, anything.  But I let my own head get in the way, I over thought it and decided it was too much because I couldn’t think of anything to write about, but my head was full of…something.

So I spent the day with my photos instead, visualising, looking at adorable baby faces and sweet hugging families while I rode out the urge to write.  But it hasn’t left me, which has lead me to this moment.

It’s 4.55pm, the time when I am usually in the kitchen cooking dinner, or hanging out with my kids, but dinner is good to go and the kids all have their own lives and don’t seem to need me either, so I found myself drawn to the keyboard.

Clearly the mystery pull from this space was to just ramble on about absolutely nothing at all, because I have made it through 4 whole paragraphs, going on my 5th and I haven’t actually said anything of substance.  Perhaps this is me trying to think of something and by the end of it I will have a bright idea for the next post that will mean something a little more than this.

The more I think about it, I come to realise that my fingers have been itchy for a little while.  I have loved to write my whole life, but of course never pursued it in any way.  My love for photography and graphic design always pulled me in that direction, leaving the writing behind, but I still remember our Creative Writing lessons in primary school, we would watch BTN (Behind the News) and tasked to write a report on what we saw.  I LOVED it.  As I write this I wonder why I never pushed to do it more.  I was only in Grade 5 but I still remember it so clearly, that love.  It feels a little like regret.

In October last year, I was contacted by a journalist doing a piece for Capture Magazine, she wanted to interview me about Newborn Photography and I think that’s the day my itchy fingers were reignited.  It was exciting to be interviewed and viewed as an expert in my field, but I found myself wishing I was writing the whole thing!  How ridiculous right?!

The article was published in the most recent Capture Magazine released last week and reading it was awesome, Sophia Hawkes is an amazing writer – I was considered an expert in my field and interviewed alongside people I admire, super exciting!! – but again, I just wished I had written it.  Not because I thought I could do better, no way at all, but because I was filled with envy for Sophia and the work she gets to do.

A few years ago I was invited to write a piece for the East Gippsland Wedding Guide, back when I was photographing weddings regularly.  I actually don’t know if it was even published, I never got my hands on a copy.  But just the act of writing it was fun, researching and pulling my own experiences into the mix and offering advice to future brides from the photographers perspective.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Now don’t get me wrong, yes I love to write and ramble on…if you have ever sent me an email enquiring about booking a session, you will know exactly how I like to ramble on, it’s always relevant of course!  The love to write never overshadows my love for photography, my time with the camera in my hand truly makes my heart sing, it takes away any woes I may be battling, gives me pure joy, it will never ever be something of my past, it will always be my present.

But I think 2020 will see me giving into my itchy fingers a little more often than I have in the past.  I might just try to come up with a purpose before going any further next time 😉

Thanks for getting all the way through to here.  You’re a legend for riding it out with me!

Tiff x

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