Melbourne Product Photographer | The Baby Bathroom Co

In February I was sitting at the airport waiting to board a plane to LA, heading over to America for the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego.  While sitting, waiting patiently, sipping on a chai latte, I got an email from Hayley.  She was all set to launch her brand new business that she had been working on for the past 4 years and was in need of something beautiful to show her new product off to the world.

The Baby Bathroom Co began in 2014 when Hayley’s first son was born.  He loved the bath and shower, however, they were extremely nervous when they realised just how slippery his skin became when wet. The Infant Bathing Glove has been designed to help you shower or bathe your newborn with total confidence.

While Hayley could see from the work on my website that I really only photograph families and babies, she was hoping that perhaps I offer product photography too.  Of course the answer was a big yes!

We put the conversation on hold until I got back from my trip and when we got together on the phone, we immediately click.  The vision I had developed for Hayley’s brand on my travels was exactly the vision she had herself, I understood her needs and how best to help her launch.  Talking with Hayley felt like talking with a long lost friend, I felt I had known her for a lifetime already and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.  The discovery that our houses were just a few short hundred metres from each other was a bonus, so we agreed that finding a local cafe in Montmorency to get together and nut out the finer details was a must!

Over another delicious hot chai latte the plans took place, colour schemes, models, locations and all were discussed and we were both as excited as each other I think!

The day spent behind the camera with three gorgeous little people modelling for us was so much fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute working with Hayley, seeing the look come to life and seeing the excitement in her face when I would show her little glimpses of the back of my camera.  This was her baby and I could tell she truly believed it was all coming together, this was going to work!

Product Photography is something I have been working on a lot behind the scenes over the years, but not something I overly advertise.  The product and personal branding work that does come my way, finds me organically, through networking and casual conversations with people I meet.

When I am working with a client to discover their brand, to put a face to their products, I take it on with all of me.  The product photos on your website will influence a new customer’s first impression of your product. Online shopping removes the ability to get up close and turn the product around in their hands. Having professional photos of your products will allow your customers to get a clear idea of what the product is that they are purchasing and give them an excellent online shopping experience with you.

Excellent photography is one of the easiest ways to set the tone for your online store, and tell your customer that you are committed to quality. I truly believe in the value of high quality images and understand the importance of showing your customers a true image of the products you offer.  A true vision of who you are.

Hayley, you should be so proud of your business and the hard work you have put in over the past 4 years, all while raising two gorgeous little boys.  Thank you so much for including my in the journey and for trusting in me to take it on board and create something unique to you and your beautiful products.  I cannot wait to see where this ride takes you!

Tiff x



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