Melbourne Cake Smash Photographer | Zali Turns One

Little Zali. How did your first birthday come around so fast. What a speedy 12 months it has been!

It feels like just yesterday I photographed Zali when she was super tiny in the Montmorency Studio for her newborn photoshoot. Now, 12 months on, you are one and the perfect way to celebrate is with a fruit salad smash in Griffith Park.

I have photographed countless Cake Smash sessions in my 7 years, but when the Summer afternoon sun was so beautiful and golden, all the tasty fruits are in season and Zali is lactose intolerant, it was high time we mixed it up a little bit! I’ve had this picnic basket for so many years and not once have I used it for anything aside from collect dust and drag it around to the endless houses we have lived in. Talk to Zali’s Mum Jess about what we could do, the vision started to come to life and I knew Zali was the perfect subject for a late afternoon picnic in the park.

Watermelon and Cherries were her favourites…we had our work cut out for us fighting the cherries out of her hands as technically they were there just for looks, being full of pips, but of course that is all she wanted. It was so cute watching her go to town on the fruit basket we had prepared for her.

If your little one has aversions to the ingredients in a cake, but you love the idea of getting messy for their birthday, I highly recommend you mix it up and have a Fruit Salad Smash! Delicious and healthy treats, no nasty sore tummies at the end and no artificial colours sending your baby on a sugar high 😉

Thank you Jess and Nick for letting my creative side come out to play and come up with something a little different for you to remember Zali’s first birthday with. As always, it has been such a pleasure working with you all and creating beautiful memories ❤

Tiff x

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