Melbourne Family Photographer | The Roartys

I had the very best Easter with my amazing family, up in the Victorian High Plains, on our property where most of my childhood was spent. Every Easter we hit the road, a few hours up into the mountains, a quick stop at the Dargo General Store for refreshments and possibly some forgotten supplies and then, just 30 minutes on the dirt track and we are home. No phone service, no internet, no electricity, bliss!…but I did have my camera.

I always have my camera, I don’t always pick it up, but I alway shave it with me, because you just never know what I will find, what I will see, what I will want to remember. Megg asked me if I would be taking it with me…silly question Meggy Moo! She asked if I would take just one photo of her and her boys. I of course said yes, but only if they would let me take more than one.

She of course agreed and Jake reluctantly went along with it all. We watched the sun each day, waiting for it to be in the right spot when Harry was awake and not in need of a nap or food or something else and finally on Easter Sunday we were good to go! The colours of these trees were just incredible, the colours of Autumn. The absolute best time of day, time of year and place for this family photoshoot.

I am so lucky to call this family, my family ❤ And they are so lucky to have me, Tiffany, the most awesome family photographer in Melbourne…if I do say so myself 😉 haha!

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