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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | The Simonetti Family

I seriously LOVE Maternity Photoshoots like this one!! You only have to look at the amount of smiling faces, cheezy grins, adorable cheeks to know that I struggled to actually stop taking photos when we were all finished!

Meet Tegan of Bump Into Mums. We met late last year at a movie event put together for Mums of Melbourne by The Mum Squad, formed by Tegan along with two other awesome Mums, Bron of Real Mum Style and Erin of The Mums Group.

Tegan is so lovely, always with a kind smile on her face, happy to see you with a warm welcome. Her gorgeous family, Michael, Eden, Joseph and Leon were just the same when I met them on this beautiful winter afternoon. Frustratingly I was running late, the day had not gone well on my end, but I finally made it and was greeted with the happiest of smiles, little people eager to run around and use up all their energy!

Eden and Joseph are the cheekiest energy filled 6 year olds you will ever meet! Absolutely everything I look for in the little people I photograph, someone I can laugh with, make silly jokes with, have all the silliness in the world with and come out the other side with awesome photos for them to remember the fun. Leon, just as energy filled, just as cheeky, but just a tiny bit more reserved, running away and hiding from me behind the trees. Still giggling, still happy as larry, still giving me adorable looks that are a joy to photograph!

This family had me in love with them from the first moment I saw them! We met in the park in Malvern as the sun was going down, it was cold, as it always is in Melbourne, but the sun was peaking through the trees and shining upon us creating the most glorious gold light backdrop.

They cuddled and tickled, walked through the trees, jumped and ran and played hide n seek, but the best part…they loved and laughed. A beautiful afternoon in Melbourne’s South East.

Thank you Tegan for choosing me for such a fun afternoon, thank you also to you and Michael for sharing your gorgeous family with me. It has been an absolute pleasure photographing your family.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious little man xx

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