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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | The Wilgose Family

Spring has finally sprung for real and in perfect timing too because it meant I got to spend a gorgeous afternoon in the sunshine photographing the beautiful Wilgose Family while we explored the buildings of Abbotsford Convent!

Amy was looking absolutely incredible with just a couple of short weeks to go, and those boys, Ben and Jack…oh my goodness how completely adorable are they?! They found sticks and ran around on their ‘broomsticks’, they peeked through doorways to find out what was on the other side. Ben was coming out with some cracker Dad jokes and Jack had the perfect photo pose each and every time he saw the camera was up and looking in his direction! We all had a good laugh at his modelling skills, a big cheesey grin and a big long cheeeeese for the perfect shot 😉

As we explored the grounds, finding all the cool old doors that I got, probably a little too excited about, we visited the horses and cows over the fence at the Collingwood Children’s Farm, gave them all new names, we had cuddles and tickles, Jack told Mum the entire We’re Going On A Bear Hunt story from memory and completely distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing…taking photos! His sweet little voice was so mesmerising, what a little time waster he is! He then completely stole my heart when he want to hold my hand on our adventures…his grip was so strong, there always so much trust from a little person when they hold on so tight.

I wish I could remember Ben’s jokes to tell you, but I can’t, so I will have to be sure to write them down when they visit the study in a couple of week with the brand new little person when he or she arrives. They were some seriously clever jokes and he assured us he made them up! What a clever little person he is to, and what a sense of humour!

The session was complete with the discovery of Hogwarts on our way back to the car, so even though all the light in the sky was gone, we of course took a photo, the very last one on the memory card, in front of it, to prove to everyone that we really are wizards full of magic!

Finishing off with high fives and cuddles from Jack, it’s safe to say, #1 I am in love with the grounds of Abbotsford Convent and #2 I am in love with this family! I cannot wait to welcome them into the studio for the newborn session soon!

Thank you Amy, Simon, Ben and Jack, you guys are awesome!!

Tiff xx

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