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Melbourne Maternity Photographer | Charlotte and Bronson

There’s nothing more exciting than knowing some of your most favourite people in the whole entire world are going to have a baby!

Charlotte, my cousin, my sister, my family, married Bronson last year and now, a little under a year later, they are about to welcome their first child into this world. The luckiest baby in the world to have these two as parents, surrounded by an incredible extended family…if I do say so myself!

So, we found out about this baby many months ago, and I wouldn’t be the maternity and newborn photographer that I am if my mind didn’t go straight to planning a date for this session. I knew I would have my work cut out for me, Bronson is a Fireman and from the outside seems to be always at work and Charlotte is exactly the same. So I started planning as soon as I could, offering as many dates as humanly possible. We settled for this past weekend, the Sunday after their baby shower. I hit the road to Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula and spent the most wonderful weekend with them. I somehow managed to convince them to head to the beach with me twice! Not just once as sunset after all the celebrating had finished, but then again the next morning to watch the sunrise…I won;t lie, none of us were overly thrilled to be up at 5.30am on a Sunday morning, but I knew deep dow that it was going to be glorious!

And oh my was I right! It wasn’t as cold as we had expected, although I am not entirely convinced that it was warm enough for bare feet…Bronson and I both agreed Charlotte was completely mad. The sky was filled with so many clouds that I was worried we wouldn’t see any sunrise at all, but with or without the sunshine, the light on this quiet Sunday morning was the most beautiful soft light I had ever seen and I am now unfortunately, completely addicted to that time of day!

We laughed and joked and pulled silly faces, I secretly filmed them having a cuddle, we did ridiculous selfies to prove to the world that were out there, the sound of the water was peaceful and calming and by 7am, we were all done and ready to crawl back into bed…of course with a house full, and two little people back at home, getting back into bed was entirely OFF the cards, but we were set for a day of family time and more memories to be made.

Growing up with Charlotte were some of the very best years of my life, to have family so close is so special and everything I long for. Charlotte is so lucky to have found Bronson, he is so lucky to have found Charlotte and together they are both so so lucky to have me… 😉 Photographing their wedding was some of the most fun I have ever had behind the camera, photographing their maternity sessions was just as fun! I cannot wait to welcome this little person into our family and of course, to bring them into my studio for their newborn session when he or she finally arrives!

Charlie and Bronson, you guys are awesome, hilarious and the coolest people I know! Congratulations once again on this completely ridiculously grown up time in your lives!

Tiff xxx

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