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Baby Phoebe | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

What can I say…Caroline and I spoke on the phone when she first enquired about a newborn photoshoot with me…we spoke for around 45 minutes. About everything, her life, our common stories, our little people, photography and everything else in between. I was so excited when she booked her session with me, I honestly felt like I knew her already and I was going to get to meet my new friend!

When they arrived in the studio with little Phoebe, I gave her a hug at the door, I was meeting a friend! And then I met her lovely Mum Jo, her adorable little girl Emilia and finally got a cuddle with tiny little Phoebe…what a doll!! I didn’t get to meet Matt due to him already heading back to work the week before, however we got to catch up on the family photos the very next day so everyone joined in the fun!

Emilia had the most wonderful time venturing in and out of my little Lily’s bedroom right across the hall…a girls room FULL of baby dolls, prams, books and all sorts of other things to keep a little person entertained between photos. And oh were the photos of these two girls absolutely precious. What a doting big Sister Emilia is, the cuddles and the kisses ❤ For such a little person, Emilia did everything I asked of her and more, even at the end when the light had changed in my studio, she let me repeat what we had already done just because!

I won’t lie…I do believe it was all due to her new found love of photography and my never ending promises to let her take a photo at the end…and by A photo, she heard 50+ each time! Thank goodness I work in the digital age hey! Haha! But she actually took a really beautiful photograph of her Mum and Grandmother holding baby Phoebe…so of course it was included in the gallery for her to keep as the very first photograph she ever took…Emilia, when you grow up, please come and work with me xx

I absolutely adore this entire gallery. Not because of the connection I felt with Caroline from the beginning…yes that does play a part, but honestly, the love shared between this family is just so lovely. What a privilege to be chosen as the family photographer for this beautiful family. To welcome them into my newborn studio and spend not just one morning, but two mornings with them, photographing the love and laughter, sharing our stories, getting to know each other.

So please, enjoy this gallery as much as I have enjoyed working on it. Caroline, Matt, Emilia and Phoebe, thank you. From the very bottom of my grateful heart, thank you for choosing me. Congratulations on the arrival of gorgeous little Phoebe. I look forward to that coffee date very soon xxx

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