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Melbourne Family Photographer | The Stow Family

There are many moments photographed during this family session that have to be some of my absolute favourites to photograph…maybe ever! These beautiful energy filled, cheeky boys Harry and Charlie remind me so much of my own children, especially the way they cuddle their Mum. Rory especially, he puts all of himself into a cuddle with me and Harry does exactly that with his beautiful Mum Emma.

This is what I live to do. Find a moment shared and freeze it for all of time. Let this moment stand still, be remembered for all of time. Let it shower the warmth of love all over everyone who sees it, make you stand up, find a loved one and just hug them. Hug them with everything you have and let them know how much they mean to you.

That’s what this session says to me. I could have photographed the Stow family ALL day and never grow tired of their happiness. These gorgeous boys are so full of life, so full of light, the happy just radiates from them and washed over me making me smile from ear to ear the entire time I was in their presence.
A true testament to the love they receive at home, two parents who are just nailing it! I could go on and on about this session and how much I have loved every minute of working on it, from actually being there, to working through and editing the images, to delivering them this afternoon…but going on and on seems silly when the images can do the talking for me.
Big giant group hugs all round for the awesome Stow Family. Thank you Emma and Dave, photographing your gorgeous family is one of the stand outs of my long career xx

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