A New Home | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Introducing Tiny and Brave, formerly known as Sweet Memory Photography. I am so excited to reveal the new me!!

Welcome to the fancy new website, a project that has been a huge task for me over the past couple of months, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed…to be honest, if it wasn’t so technical, I think I could see myself designing websites in another life! 😉

But it is SO technical, don’t even get me started on how anyone understands HTML codes!! So I won’t be changing careers anytime soon…thankfully I had the backing of the incredible team at Fotomerchant to guide me through. Along the way, it became quite an enjoyable experience, and one I am so proud to have made it to the end of. I learnt a lot, and now have a complete full understanding of my website, back to front…I think 😉

Before I began the build, I had no clear vision of what this site should look like, we needed colour schemes and a face…so to get that, we needed a logo. The logo is something I truly love, it is the face of everything and without it, none of this would’ve come together the way it has. It was something else I lacked vision for, I knew what I wanted, but could not clearly explain it to anyone. So while I had no idea what I did want, I knew what I didn’t want. The old one, obviously had the wrong name, but it just wasn’t right, it didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. After many attempts at making it myself, I just wasn’t getting the result I had hoped, endless Googling got me nowhere fast.

So I made the decision, I needed help. A quick conversation with Lisa one day at school drop off, telling her I wanted to chat logos…quickly turned into a fabulous friendship between two creative like minded Mums, sharing ideas and passions. The perfect ingredients to bring the awesome Tiny and Brave logo into the reality that is today. Lisa Burns Designs, check her out, she is a quiet magician, and a complete lifesaver!!

I’d love for you to take a look around the new site, make yourself at home, stay a while. Enjoy the gorgeous faces in the different image galleries, read about me and my family in the About section, find out more about the types of sessions I can offer you under the NewbornMaternity and Family tabs, and read all the love shared by past clients on the great wall of kindness. If it all makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then the only path you should take is the one that leads you to the contact page…send me an email, I would love to hear from and get to work on creating new memories for you!

Tiff x



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