Eltham · Family · Maternity

Melbourne Maternity Photographer | Ant & Leevai

Sometimes you work with people and they just stick with you. Anthea and Leevai are those kind of people. I knew instantly when I met them that I was going to have so much fun with them. Leevai brought a speaker with his own soundtrack, the day was a little wet and dark, but the mood was something special. We spoke about music and creativity and pregnancy. We laughed, I experimented with a new lens, got stupid excited about the sun showing its face for the first time since Autumn, they cuddled and whispered sweet nothings to each other and I captured sweet moments for them to remember always.

I could photograph these two every single day, that would truly make me smile. Their Maternity Session was just something a bit special. Thank you Leevai and Ant for choosing me x

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